February 15th, 2007

Sweet Things Make Me Happy.

I’d get these Baumkuchen(European ancestor of the Indonesian lapis legit) Turm┬« for the packaging alone.

White Day collections from German confectioner Juchheim Japan site.

And I wish I could sink my teeth into one of these like NOW!

From Mister Donut.

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I absolutely love packaging, too!:-)

My Marrakech  at 1:23 pm on February 16, 2007
I love Baumkuchen since child! Unfortunetely I can't find them anymore here in Brazil (Japanese makers stopped producing it some years ago)... :-(

By the way, what a lovely blog! A fave for sure! :-)

Frederik Das K├Ątzchen  at 5:03 pm on March 8, 2007

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