June 12th, 2006

Happy Birthday, Cats

Warning: This is a cute overload-worthy post.

A year ago, these five kitties were born and for a moment, all the wars in the world paused to gasp at their infinite adorable-ness.






Happy Birthday Old Cats!

(Will be busy with the World Cup this month)

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i'm crying they're so lovely.

thank you.

jelly pizza  at 11:08 am on June 16, 2006
thanks! they make me cry all the time too -- when they poo and pee on the couch!

Ginger M.  at 11:36 pm on June 28, 2006
OMG!! This is definitely cute overload. Do you still have all of them? Your pictures are so beautiful.

keiko  at 9:56 am on July 1, 2006
thanks, keiko. yup i still have all of them :)

Ginger M.  at 8:07 am on July 2, 2006
Wow definitely worth the cute overload. These kittens are SO sweet.

Fanny  at 4:37 pm on July 10, 2006
They are too cute! Do you have any updated pics of wht they look like now?

Toks  at 5:10 am on December 11, 2008

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